Making it easier to find mental health & substance use services in Pinellas County.

Pinellas County Mental Health, Substance Use & Addiction Support

Finding the right care can be an overwhelming experience. Care About Me supports you every step of the way by confidentially assessing your situation, matching you with a provider, and booking an appointment to get you the help you need. We are here to support you and connect you with care in a friendly, hassle-free way. Care About Me is your guide and ally on your journey to wellness.

How Does Care About Me Work?


Call, Text, Chat

Reach out immediately to trained specialists.


Monday – Friday: 8 am – 10 pm
Saturdays & legal holidays 10 am – 6 pm


Speak with a Caring Specialist

Care About Me specialists will confidentially learn about your situation and present options accordingly.


Make an Appointment

Care About Me specialists will help navigate the scheduling process.

Care About Me has been instrumental in my return to freedom. They walked me through calls and best options to continue to gain help and keep stress manageable. I am a PTSD survivor and sometimes this simple to some as scheduling appointments can trigger and cause anxiety and frustration. This system and team have helped me gain support and impacts the schedule process knowing there is someone other than myself on the line. I am so encouraged by the program you all offer and the peace it is helping me remain positive and see a healthy recovery for myself. Thank you!
– Pinellas County Resident
My personal experience with setting and dealing with mental health issues since my trauma in 2020 has had a negative and frustrating impact and at times I feel keep me from making progress to healing. The team at Care About Me’s compassion and patience with me has allowed me to feel comfortable trying new places and being open to new treatment options. The mental health community has grown since COVID and I’m very grateful that the assistance to connect someone like me dealing with PTSD to have support to invest in my overall healing and hope that people who have been victimized can have support to move forward with support! Keep up the good work.
– Pinellas County Resident

Who Is Care About Me For?

Care About Me is for all current residents of Pinellas County looking for mental health, substance use and addiction services.

If you need help and support, but you’re not sure where to go, reach out to us and we’ll connect you with the services you need.

Connecting Pinellas County With Reliable Care

Care About Me is your reliable partner in accessing mental health, substance use, and addiction treatment services in Pinellas County. With our innovative eReferral system, you can easily connect a resident with our team of specialists, who will review the referral, contact them directly, complete the necessary screenings, and coordinate appropriate appointments for services. Care About Me provides the crucial support residents need to thrive and seek out the help they need.

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