Making it easier to find mental health & substance use services in Pinellas County.

We are Here to Support Pinellas County Residents.

Care About Me acts as a centralized intake system that provides personalized assistance in connecting residents to care. Our team is constantly seeking trusted medical professionals we can connect residents with. Specifically, we're looking for therapists, psychiatrists, addiction counselors and all licensed behavioral health professionals. If you fit any of these descriptions and would like to collaborate with us, contact us, today. Facilities that join the network must be an accredited and licensed facility and/or licensed provider.

Where Do Partners Fit In?

At Care About Me, we are committed to providing support not only to our residents, but also to our provider partners. When you become part of our network, we handle the initial steps for you.


First: Centralized Intake

Residents can contact our specialists, who will gather information to assess their current needs.


Second: Provider Selection

Our team carefully matches residents with providers who best fit their needs and arranges their first appointment.


Third: Where You Come In

Once the appointment is scheduled, our team will stay connected with the resident until after their initial appointment. From there, we step back and leave the rest to you.

Join us as a Provider!

Care About Me provides crucial support to residents who may be struggling with their mental health, substance use and addiction treatment. Our partnership with behavioral health care experts allows us to provide personalized assistance to each resident and connect them directly with the providers they need.

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Communication between the Care About Me program and the Mental Health Liaisons is pivotal, especially for the appointment scheduling. It has always been a pain point since we don’t always know."
- Pinellas County Schools, Mental Health Liaisons